Days like this.

I am sitting at my gate. The street is still wet from a few hours’ showers. I see an old couple sitting down too, as if like me waiting for what the next minute might bring. Teachers from a school not too far are just coming back. I greet them with my head a littleContinue reading “Days like this.”


It’s been a while, I knowww. I don’t even know how to start my excuses. Forgive me. Hi. Trust 2021 has been a better year. It took me a while to process this feelings but with the help of God and the environment I put myself in, I am free! When Chidinma (my twin) wentContinue reading “Misses”

A Lover’s Joy.

Happy new year! I am glad you made it! Okay. This is like one of my rare days where I write a short story. Before I wrote this story, I was watching two lovers and I thought “Chioma, you could probably write about this.” My inner man said “guy, wetin you know about love. OfContinue reading “A Lover’s Joy.”

2020- The end already!

I don’t want to be cliché and say 2020 was a great year for me, yenyenyen. 2020 was okay abeg. 2020 is my last year of being broke inshallah. I shall dispense money to the fullest ijn. Money will not see the end of me, I will see the end of money in 2021. AllContinue reading “2020- The end already!”


Music in one way or the other means different things to different people. It might mean noise to some, just for vibes, for elevation or anything you can think of. Music is also like telling a story. The rappers would surely agree. For every cord, every beat, every sound, every missed highs and lows liesContinue reading “Music”

Self Worth.

Worth again? Yeah. Let’s call this “worth series.” Hello. How’s your week been? How are you doing? What’s new in your life? Did you get that appointment or job ? It’s alright if you didn’t, I did not get anything too but later, I would. The week hasn’t ended yet so I am still keepingContinue reading “Self Worth.”

Is it really worth it?

Hello there. Is what you do really worth it? Do you do things for the fun of it or because you really mean it or does things just happen out of the blue and you just flow with it, not considering yourself? Well, you can answer those questions later. I was watching this seasonal movie,Continue reading “Is it really worth it?”

The journey

How did it start? How do you know when people start things, is that they have always known they want to do these things or it just happens? My name is Chioma. In the year 2002, precisely May, I was given birth to and the good Lord decided to bless me with a companion, myContinue reading “The journey”


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